A few times per year Philippe Froesch, forensic artist and director of Visualforensic, travels to give speeches about 3D forensic techniques. Some times he organizes 2 or 3 days workshops, but this solution is not always easy for students that want to learn the method but cannot travel.  For this reason, 3D Forensic Facial Reconstruction Sculpture learning is a personal course based on help via Skype, 3D assets to download from the internet, and brochures sent every month from France direct to your office or house. Each forensic technique is explained step by step in order to allow the student to progress in a logical path, from simple facts to complicated techniques. The idea is a slow path, each month, to allow the brain to assimilate all the theoretical and practical data.

The students need a computer with Skype access and have installed in their computers: Osirix Dicom reader (or equivalent), Zbrush (or equivalent) Cinema4D (or equivalent). There is no fixed date for the beginning of the course, it can be subscribed at any moment. The fees can be paid in three different ways: every two months, every six months, or in one term at the beginning (20% OF). Just choose the right option from the Paypal button hereunder. It will be a pleasure helping you achieve very high goals in forensic facial sculpture!

See the description of each brochure hereunder.

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