PUBLICATIONS in collaboration with science teams

The Medico-Legal Journal: Mudslide and/or animal attack are more plausible causes and circumstances of death for AL 288 (‘Lucy'): A forensic anthropology analysis

Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology: Virtopsy shows a high-status funerary treatment in an early 18th Dynasty non-royal individual.

The brain of René Descartes (1650): A neuro-anatomical analysis.

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery: Parry–Romberg Syndrome on a Major French Revolution Leader: Mirabeau, 1791.

Unraveling the cause of death of an 18th dynasty élite individual (QV30).

The Lancet: Did René Descartes have a giant ethmoidal sinus osteoma?

The Lancet: Robespierre: The oldest case of sarcoidosis?

The Lancet: Did Cro-Magnon 1 have neurofibromatosis type 1?